Monday, August 24, 2009

Soggy Day at Bear Trap Dunes, I'll Take It!

Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club
7 Clubhouse Drive, Ocean View, DE 19970
Yards: 6377, Par 72 (Kodiak [3187] / Black Bear [3190] - White Tees)
Course Architect: Rick Jacobson
Built/Open: 1999
Score: 82 (42 out, 40 in)
Date: August 22, 2009

I played Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club, a semi-private club located in Ocean View, DE over the weekend. I have gone to the range once a week with my kids and played once last week which didn’t turn out so well. I headed down to the Delaware shore for a long weekend and left my clubs at home, not planning on playing golf. I was talked into playing, I used the rental clubs from the club, no golf glove, bag of shag balls to use and no golf shoes. The clubs were Nike irons, Nike SQ DYNO driver, Nike 3-wood (Senior flex), Nike rescue club (Ladies), and Nike putter. Not expecting much, we headed out. Without any pre-round warm up except two practice swings on the tee box, strange clubs, none of my golf accessories, I shot an 18 hole score of 82. The day was hot and muggy with temps in the high 90’s, 10 pars, hitting 10 of 14 fairways, 6 greens in regulation and lost 1 ball. My driving was awesome with this driver, hit every fairway on the back nine! My mid and short iron game was average considering I was using unfamiliar clubs. My putting was average, one - 3 putt, four – 1 putts on the wet greens from the insane thunderstorm from earlier that morning. The 82 is the second lowest score I have ever recorded. I will be looking to purchase that Nike driver!!

FROM THE WEB SITE: 'Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club offers one of the area’s most unique and memorable golf experiences on the Eastern Shore. Winding bent grass fairways lined with native wetland grasses drift into natural sand dunes. Impeccably groomed oversized greens and four strategically placed sets of tees beckon golfers of every skill level.'

COURSE CONDITION: The course was in great shape, the fairways and teeing areas were lush and green but really soggy. The greens were in excellent shape and but rolling super slow because of the thunderstorm earlier that morning.

FACILITIES: Really didn’t utilize the facilities this time around (no time). The chipping and putting greens are adjacent to the driving range.

SHOT OF THE DAY: 10 Pars, 10 out of 14 fairways, with 3 missed birdie putts, it is hard to decide.

SUGGESTIONS and COMMENTS: If you are playing here early, bring drinks and a snack, the refreshment cart starts late.

GOLFNERDNESS: Didn’t have any of my own equipment, its good to be forced to try different equipment! But I still will keep my Ping Zing2’s!!

GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT: Keep the ball in the fairway and you will score!
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